CLS - Class

AMG Grey Brake System W212; W218

W212; W218

Set of Mercedes-Benz AMG Brake System for E W212 and CLS W218

Set consists of:

  • 2 x Brake Disc A2124210512
  • 2 x Brake Disc A2124230412
  • 1 x Fixed Caliper A2184213198
  • 1 x Fixed Caliper A2184213298
  • 1 x Fixed Caliper A2124235998
  • 1 x Fixed Caliper A2124235898
  • 1 x TS Disk Brake Pad A0064202920
  • 1 x TS Disk Brake Pad A0064207820

Manufacturer: Mercedes-Benz


Can be installed in all Mercedes-Benz E W212 and CLS W218 models.

Price: 3.999,00
Price: 5.125,00
(excl. VAT)